The Benefits of a Boat Lift in Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu boat owners rejoice!

Boat lifts are the answer for anyone looking to spend less time – and money – on cleaning, care, and maintenance of their boat. Plus, lifts can help prevent damage to your boat and the ecosystem beneath the water’s surface.

As a boat owner, you’re probably familiar with antifouling practices and regulations. What you might not know is that most antifouling paints – created specifically to treat the underbelly of boats and vessels – contain copper and other chemicals. Over time, these chemicals leach into the water and contaminate the wildlife within. As residents and fans of the beauty that is Oahu, this is the last thing most of us want as a result of our affinity for spending time on the water and enjoying our boats.

That’s where the benefits of boat lifts come in…

Dry docking boat lifts have been introduced as an alternative to antifouling paints and practices, offering boat owners a chemical-free option to keep their boats from developing ecosystems on their hulls over time. But that’s just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of dry docking boat lifts…

Simplified cleaning and care for your boat.

Not only do boat lifts offer boat owners a water-safe alternative to antifouling paints and ocean polluting practices, it also gives them an opportunity to take meticulous care of their watercraft. How? Dry dock boat lifts enable you to bring your boat out of the water for accessible cleaning, care, and maintenance. Since our docks make it nearly effortless to lift your boat from the water and store it in an accessible way, it’s never been easier to rinse, wipe down, or deep clean your boat’s underbelly in order to lengthen its life and protect your investment. In the long run, this increased care and cleaning will lower your maintenance costs, too.

Speaking of maintenance, dry docking makes your boat more accessible and approachable for your maintenance team or mechanics, allowing them to inspect or operate on your boat without excessive hassle or expense. We consider that a win-win.

Avoid damage to your boat and the ecosystem beneath.

Not only do our meticulously crafted boat lifts help save you money with maintenance costs, they protect it from accidents that are common among boat owners who tie up their boats or load/unload into the water each time. Our lifts offer secure lowering and lifting functionality so you don’t have to worry about damage from large waves, poor knots in your rope, extreme weather conditions, etc. This doesn’t only protect your boat, but your dock, too. As an added bonus, our lifts make it easier – and safer – for passengers to load and unload.

If you ask us…

Investing in a boat lift is one of the very best ways you can protect your investment, protect Oahu’s natural beauty, and protect your passengers when enjoying time on the water. Educating and informing boat owners in Oahu is our favorite pastime. Have questions about antifouling, dry docking, or our services? We have answers! You can reach out to us today.

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