Custom Dock Building

Dock Building from Permit to Install

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts specializes in the construction of docks for residential and commercial projects. We offer customizable docks built to achieve your vision! Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts is there every step of the way, communicating with you on your design and budget. We manage the dock build from securing the permitting all the way through the installation process!

Built Using the Best Materials

We custom build each dock here in Hawaii. We have over 40 years in fabrication, metallurgy, and welding processes. We know not all like materials are the same. This is especially true when corrosion is an issue in dealing with our Hawaiian waters. We source Marine and Military grade materials made in USA first. This helps keep the quality of our product consistent. We use series 316 stainless steel fasteners for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Connect Your Dock with a Gangway

Our gangways provide a proper connection between the shore and your dock. Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts offers gangway construction that fits your specific needs and design. Our gangways are customizable from the length to the decking options. We build gangways compatible with any dock from floating docks to fixed piers. Whether you need a commercial gangway or a small pedestrian bridge, we have the expertise and materials to make it happen!

Customize Your Dream Dock

We believe every dock or marina owner should have the dock they’ve always wanted. Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts will work with you to fully customize your dock design to fit your needs! If you want better and more convenient access to the water, we can install ladders and dock step downs. Or make securing your boat easier with dock cleats and protective bumpers! Whatever boat dock accessories you need, Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts can customize your project.