Customized and Built to Last

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts guarantees to use the best marine and military grade materials no matter what size of boat lift you need. Our custom floating lifts will ensure the security and safety of your boat. We make sure the materials we use are ready to withstand the long-term damaging effects of sea water. Because not every boat or dock is built the same, we will provide custom boat lift designs that work for you, all within your budget!

Keep Your Boat Dry and Protected

Every boat or personal watercraft owner in Oahu wants to keep their vessel in the very best condition when they’re not using it, and a great way to ensure that is to store it in a boat lift! By keeping your boat out of the water, it stays dry and clean while also protected from long-term water damage, algae, and wind. Having your boat or personal watercraft elevated and dry docked also makes it easier to clean properly and removes the need for bottom paint on your boat.

A Boat Owner’s Best Friend

Our boat lifts are designed to make owning and operating your boat easier. They allow you to save time launching your boat without the hassle of trailering or boat ramps. With dry docking being just as simple, a boat lift means you can spend more time out on the water. Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts customize your design to best fit your needs for whatever kind of boat or watercraft you have!

Boat Lift Repair and Maintenance

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts are experts in the maintenance and repair of boat lifts. We pass on that expert knowledge to you by providing a detailed free estimate on the condition and needs of your boat lift. From small maintenance tune-ups to welding repairs on major damages, we make sure the wear and tear on your boat lift is attended to.