Custom Dock Repair

Dock Repairs Big and Small

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts handles all dock repairs, residential and commercial. If you are in Hawaii and your dock needs repair, we are here to help! Dock repairs greatly improve the longevity of your dock without needing a full replacement. From docks suffering major damages to docks in need of a little maintenance, we provide the necessary repairs to get you back to enjoying your dock!

Free Repair Estimates

Our professionals are more than happy to inspect your dock and provide a free dock repair estimate! There are no surprises when it comes to fees, as we ensure all costs are communicated upfront. Our detailed inspection covers the structure, safety, and overall condition of your dock. When the repair is finished, your dock will meet the proper safety requirements. We make repairs that will last!

Upgrade and Improve Your Dock

With Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts, a dock repair does not simply mean restoring a dock to its original condition. We make improvements to your dock customized to your ideal design. Our dock accessories allow you to customize your dock with solar lights, dock ladders, dock step downs, and more! We use the best available marine-grade materials on all our jobs, so any new or replacement parts will be of the highest and most durable quality.

Dock Repairs Where You Need Them

From rough Hawaii waters crashing into your dock to a boat accidentally colliding with it, there are several reasons why you may need repairs. We take all factors into consideration when making dock repairs by offering specialized repairs where you need them. Whether the boards of your decking are deteriorated or the support structure of your dock is damaged, Sailor Docks and Boat Lifts will repair your dock and leave it in excellent condition!