Custom Boat Lift Building

Boat Lift Building from Permit to Install

Our custom boat lifts have been designed with simplicity of operation and longevity in mind. We have very few moving parts in the design of our custom lifts. When dealing with the elements this means far less things can potentially fail. This also means increased longevity and less maintenance. Our boat lifts are perfect for storing your boat safely and we work with you throughout the entire building process. From the permit to the install, Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts will manage your project from start to finish!

Built with Durable Materials

We pride ourselves in offering custom high-performance boat lifts. We have over 40 years in fabrication, metallurgy, and welding processes. We know not all like materials are the same. This is especially true when corrosion is an issue in dealing with our Hawaiian waters. We source Marine and Military grade materials made in USA first. This helps keep the quality of our product consistent. We use series 316 stainless steel fasteners for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Our ballast tanks come with a 15-year warranty. Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts utilizes the best materials to fit your design and budget. With our custom builds, your boat lift will be secure even in rough or high traffic waters.

Your Boat Will Be Dry and Secure

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts believes that boat lifts are a boat owner’s best friend. Not only are they built durable and long-lasting, but they make maintaining a boat easy! By keeping your boat out of the water, you are protecting it from water damage, algae, and corrosion. When it comes time to get back in the water, our boat lifts will have you in the water in minutes. No more hassle of trailering your boat!

Customize Your Boat Lift

Our boat lifts are customizable so every boat owner can design the boat lift that fits within their needs as well as budget. From commercial to residential, we work with you on your project every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect boat lift. Customize your boat lift with catwalks, platforms, and steps so you can conveniently access your boat from all angles. This will make cleaning your boat so much easier! From the design of the structure to the materials used, your boat lift is fully customizable!