How to Prepare your Boat for a Storm

Prepare your boat for a storm in Hawaii

Hurricane season in Hawaii is typically from June to November, however, hurricanes in Hawaii are very rare. A typical Hawaii storm can consist of heavy rain, winds, and ocean swells, but rain is the reason Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and lush places in the United States. If you know a storm is moving in, you may want to prepare your boat and boat dock for rougher water. Here are some tips for preparing your boat and boat dock for a Hawaii storm. 

Move Your Boat

If a large storm or cyclone is moving in and you are worried about your boat getting damaged, the best way to protect your boat is to store it in a boat storage warehouse and out of the water. Taking your boat out of the water will ensure your boat will be protected from stormy and rough waters. 

Secure Your Boat

If you are planning to keep your boat docked in the water during a storm, you can protect your boat by doubling the lines. Ensure your boat is safely secured during the storm. You can attach lines high on the dock pilings to allow for a tidal rise or surge. Double-check dock cleats to make sure they are secure and ready for crazy weather. 

Remove Any Canvas

High winds can cause major damage to the canvas upon your boat. Stripping all the canvas or sails from your boat and securing them in a safe place can help minimize damage to your boat. 

Consider More Anchors

If the storm is going to be particularly strong, consider setting multiple anchors. This can help keep your boat secured in the case of high winds and large swells. Two or three anchors can be tactically positioned to help keep your boat in place. You can even anchor your boat to a heavy point on land. Be careful when doing this because if your boat comes detached from your boat dock, it could collide with the shore.  

Replace Old Dock Lines

If a storm is coming in, this is a great time to consider replacing old dock lines. Old lines can snap and break during storms which can lead to your boat getting damages. Replacing old lines can help prevent old lines from breaking. 

Bring Valuables Ashore

If you have any valuables in your boat, it is a good idea to bring them ashore during any storm. Accidents happen and removing bedding, documentation, and electrical equipment can protect them if something happens to your boat during the storm. Removing anything abroad which is not screwed down can help prevent you from losing items during a storm. 

Do Not Stay on Board 

You may want to weather the storm with your boat so you can make sure nothing happens to it. After all, a boat can be one of your biggest investments. However, staying on your boat during a storm or a tropical cyclone can be very dangerous. 

Storms are common but they can be stressful as a boat owner. The ocean can be unpredictable during a storm, but these tips for preparing your boatcan help ensure your boat lives to float another day! 

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