Meet Sailor Nickels: Our Beloved Maritime Mascot

Hi, friends!

I’m Sailor Nickels, and I can’t wait to walk you through my very favorite aspects of #BoatLife and the safety checkpoints that exist to keep me and my friends (that means you!) safe on the water. Fetch your life vest and pull up a chair, because we’re about to have some fun!

A little bit about me…

As the official mascot of Sailor Dock & Boat Lifts, it’s my job to look handsome and make sure that everyone knows just how incredible it is to enjoy time out on the water. Plus, I get to demonstrate that being the goodest boy and practicing proper water safety pays off. I’ll never say no to more treats or pets.

I’m a boat-savvy pup, which means it’s important to me to remind boaters about the importance of keeping floatation devices handy and abiding by the local laws so we can all continue to have fun in the sun! Plus, I’m extra great at herding boaters safely from the shore to the dock to their boat…and back.

A little bit about Sailor Dock & Boat Lifts…

My friends tell me that I have one of the most important jobs there is. And since they seem to know their way around boats, docks, and the seas, I trust them when they say that being the official mascot of Sailor Dock & Boat Lifts is one of the greatest honors of the open waters. Most days, I get to tag along with my friends and cheer them on as they install beautiful docks and lifts and educate boaters about the benefits of their services.

My favorite part of the job is seeing boat owners’ smiling faces when they realize just how much more fun they’ll be able to have on the water thanks to their new and improved dock or boat lift. Because we’re so excited to help more people enjoy time on the water in Oahu, safety is our top priority. Our docks and lifts make it easier than ever to get in and out of your boat with ease, protect the water and marine life from damage or decay, and keep your boat in great condition all year long. It doesn’t get more paw-some than that!

Ready to learn more about Sailor Dock & Boat Lifts? What a treat! Click here to say hello – my tail is already wagging!

Sailor Dock and Boat Lifts is not liable or responsible for any injuries or accidents.